About the Blacksmith

Craft is a beautiful thing 

My name is Tomáš Popela and I got into the blacksmithing trade by chance in 2015 - I tried to forge a few nails. In the spring of 2016 I bought my first hearth, borrowed an anvil and started rehearsing. I discovered the beauty of this craft all year round. Like any beginner, I went for it from the end and started making a damask knife from a chainsaw chain. Even though a lot of blacksmiths told me that I was crazy and I was going badly at it, I went to Vysoké blacksmith Karel Ondráček. He explained the procedure of blacksmith welding and showed me how to do it. After a week, I really managed to forge the blade from chains from a chainsaw. I received motivational praise that drove me to further work.

In 2017, I applied to study at the Academy - VOŠ, Gymn. and SOŠUP in Světlá nad Sázavou, artistic blacksmith. I passed the talent exams and I could start studying.

In 2019, I successfully completed my studies. My final work was a Renaissance window grille. With her I won my first prize at the Brtnice anvils. It was the 3rd place in the category of classic blacksmith work. I was very pleased with this award.

At school we put together a bunch of blacksmiths. Together we forged Angel in life size, which is the biggest project I have participated in so far.