Forged things made with heart

Artistic Blacksmithing

Tomáš Popela

From design to execution

I draw designs by hand. I always come for a visit, measure and then draw.

Traditional methods

I complete each project according to traditional blacksmithing methods.

Price calculation for free

The calculation is individual for each order

Tool sharpening

Parallel to artistic activities, I also offer traditional blacksmith work. Sharpening tools - pickaxes, chisels, logging wedges, axes, etc.


" Hello everyone, let me publicly thank one very skilful blacksmith here. Yes, it's Tomáš Popela. Tomáš made a collection of products for me for our new house. My idea and his art together made a wonderful result. Judge it by yourselves. It is my honor and joy to work with Tomáš and I will be happy to pay for a good job. I highly recommend working with Tom to everyone, he is a great person and a very skilful blacksmith. Thank you, Tom. "

Milan Pavelka


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